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dark asmr souls soundboard
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Twitch Donation Sounds

Having a cool donation sound alerts for your Twitch stream is entertaining and can help encourage more donations. What’s great, is that now there is the new ‘Twitch Sound Alert App’  extension, that lets your viewers to play sounds for bits, which is an interactive way of letting your viewers donate to you. So why not give them some interesting donation sounds to play with. 


Free Donation Sounds

We have lots of sounds, alerts, memes voices clips and effects to play, check out our Twitch alerts soundboard for free sounds and hear more of our characters. 

Copyright Free 

All of our voiced characters are DMCA Copyright free to use on your stream, whether from soundboard, or if you buy the full packs, they are created by and owned by OverGame Sound Alerts, and you have our permission to play on your stream. 

What we ask is that you send us some love online, or if you can buy a Full pack to support us, and also to give you hundreds more sounds, this is not required, but would help us make more cool stuff. 

Get more Sound Alerts

Every one of our characters have their own pack, that has 100+ sounds, the biggest one Nuke Dukem has 259 sounds. There is a big range of sound alerts, and on every ‘sound cartridge page’ there is a content map where you can see all the different alerts, notifications, memes and random sounds, there is one further down this page as an example. You can check out our premium packs on the streamer sound pack page for full packs. 

Donation Streak Alerts

Donation streaks are when donations happen consecutively in quick succession, and if you want to increase the likelihood of that happening we have created awesome sound alerts to accompany your visuals during a donation alerts, donation multiples, 2x, 3x 4x streak etc.  

Donation Alert Memes

The idea behind creating so many random sounds, and different events etc, is so that you have lots of sound ammunition to play with. The more you can interect with sound the better, and with the introduction of the sound alert app extension and people start donating to play sounds during your stream you have the opportunity to create an arcade type stream, where its fun to give a few dollars for some fun. 

Meme Fuel in the Full Packs

Not only have we provided multiple variations of each alert for you to choose from, but we have included a huge bonus pack of random sounds and phrases with every sound cartridge, so you can use random funny alerts to create a custom Donation Sound Meme. 


What’s in a Sound Cartridge? 

The contents of each pack, are at the bottom of the sound cartridge product page. See below for the El Zorrado Content map as an example. 

El Zorrado Content Map Folder Structure


 Why use a Voice Donation Sound Alert? 

Using a voiced Donation alert brings another interesting element to your stream. When you are streaming your main goal is to entertain your viewers, and this is another way to customize your stream adding humor and personality.

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