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Every pack contains between 130-259 sounds, loaded with notifications, alerts and BONUS random off cuts!

5 dollar bag

The $5 Bag

The 5 dollar bag is a mixed back of different sounds, from different characters.
“Did you just order a five dollar Bag” . After opening the Bag he comments “I don’t know if its worth $5, but is pretty Fu$$in good”
There is a hidden coupon in the name (no caps).

Donation Packs [Lite Packs]

Click on any of the Images to see the full description. 

Nuke Dukem

Steam Beard

El Zorrado

Smash Announcer

ASMR Souls

MeFit Trainer

Hungarian Bot

Final Heart

Donation Mega Bundle $34.99

This pack contains all the current ‘Donation Packs’ (Currently 9 Characters)

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