Nuke Dukem

The Nuke Dukem Sound Cartridge. Modeled after the main character of one of our favorite old-school games. Based on a hyper-masculine, aggressive, wise-cracking hero archetype.  Hell yeah dude, lock and load! [250+ Sounds]

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Instant Download 

You can download these sounds straight away after purchase. 
See the content map below and see all the extras X_X 

MP3 files included


Made for Twitch

Perfect for donation encouragement

High Value

Large collection of sounds inside, for notifications, alerts and memes

Safe Fast Payments

We use the most reputable payment providers

The Nuke Dukem Sound Cartridge

We packed this sound cartridge so you can not only get more donations and look more professional, but you will also have an amazing time going through them and listening.

Content Map

(The numbers in brackets represent the total number of sound files within the folder)

Content Map of Nuke Dukem

Standard Twitch Alerts

The Nuke Dukem Sound Cartridge contains sounds for standard Twitch alerts, both with an intro stinger and without. Including new donation, new subscriber, new follower, a new raid, and a new host (the full list is in the content map below).

Perfect for Twitch Alert App Extension

We have included a pack for the ‘Sound Alerts Twitch App Extension’, for getting more donation interactions. There are more than enough awesome references to keep your audience entertained for ages, so many that you can change them around every day.

Bonus Pack included

There is a huge bonus pack of extras, for when you want to get creative and have fun with them, narrate your game with them, make jokes, memes, we really loaded this sound cartridge.

Duke Nukem Style Sound Alerts

The Nuke Dukem Sound Cartridge is so entertaining! If you are a Duke Nukem fan, you are going to love this! Having a Duke Nukem style voice announce your stream notifications and donation alerts, is going to give lots of entertainment value to your stream.

So many hilarious quotes in the ‘random pack’, that you can add to your key-blinds, to narrate and comment on your stream in a gung-ho alien-killing style, awesome! Encourage those donation streaks, earn those subs and followers by providing as much entertainment as possible. The Nuke Dukem Sound Cartridge gives you 250+ sound alerts at your fingertips, to narrate your gameplay and entertain your audience.

Pack Size

Donation Sounds Pack, Full Sound Cartridge


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