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Twitch Emote Sizes and Dimensions

The 3 sizes for Twitch Emotes are 28×28, 56×56 and 112×112. Your emote can’t be more than 25kb on upload on twitch, but due to the small dimensions, it won’t be bigger than that. 

What are the different emote sizes for? 

56×56 is for retina screens, and the 112×112 pixels are for opportunities to increase the size. Twitch does require these 3 sizes, if you submit your emote with different dimensions then you might get your image squished. 

Make your own emotes

If you want to make your own emotes with Pixel art, our Twitch Emote maker will give you the 3 twitch emote sizes on download. It also has a smoothing filter, a bit like animal crossing.

pixel art emote maker twitch free
Twitch Emote Maker Free

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