twitch copyright dmca takedown feature

Twitch Copyright Takedown Notices and DMCA

Streamers are getting copyright notices from Twitch for their twitch-clips that contain copyright music or sounds. Even the old ones. 

A DMCA copyright takedown notice. looks like this…

twitch copyright takedown message

What happens if you get a takedown notice on twitch 

Many Twitch streamers are getting the same DMCA takedown notice. Just like the one above. 

The main negatives: 

  • Your twitch clip is removed. 
  • You get 1 strike against you (3 strikes total)

So it’s not a big deal, if you read the takedown notice above you’d see the part about if it was like content then you are banned for 24 hours.

What you should do is take down any clip that you think may have had non copyright free music or sounds. 

Where can I get copyright free music and sounds

There are many going around. See our Copyright and DMCA free Music and Sounds for Twitch

It’s an article with a list of links of where to get them. 

Just remember Twitch are just protecting themselves, they are the ones getting the grief from the music companies.

Should you delete all your clips on Twitch?

Our answer is a yes, unless there are a couple favs, then check them first. 

But, there is a problem.

Twitch doesn’t seem to have a bulk delete yet, but I think after this they’ll make one asap for this purpose, so just keep an eye out. 

If you have so many twitch clips that its almost impossible. Then send a message to Twitch.

Contacts for Twitch:

Any clips you want to keep, check that they are clean. Clean meaning no sounds and music that you haven’t confirmed that its copyright, free, or that you have paid for the rights to broadcast it, or that you have had permission to use it on stream. 

What happens if you get 3 strikes on Twitch? 

3 strikes DMCA Copyright takedown

3 strikes on Twitch then you get a permanent suspension, or so they say. See twitch account suspension details

3 copyright takedown notices, likely? 

If you only play the same song, or music from only one company, you’ll probably be ok, for a while…

Maybe they check it, send you a notice, tick your name to say that you are punished. But I think there will be another round of checks so even if you start using copyright free music, they might still get you for another random clip from 3 years ago. 

Basically it’s not worth it. Just check, delete and start fresh. Because if you get bigtime and you have one strike left. That’s not a good place to be.

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