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Music for Streamers, Copyright and DMCA safe.

With all the DMCA copyright notices sent to Twitch streamers, we are providing clear resources on what can be played on twitch without getting strikes and takedowns. This article has a clear list on where to get audio should be safe.

List of royalty free audio for commercial use

1) Stream Beats by Harris Heller

Great stream music (Caisey neistat style) https://open.spotify.com/playlist. He is an official music label now, and made the songs free to use.

Stream Beats copyright free

2) Base Rebels

https://open.spotify.com/user/bassrebels Good range of hiphop, chill out beats. The condition is that you give credit to them in your stream / clips, not a bad deal. See the details and example in their licence https://www.bassrebels.co.uk/musiclicense 

base rebels royalty free

3) Bit Burner (Dub step Music)

Newer music https://soundcloud.com/bitburner older music at hearthis.at/bitburner.

www.thebitburner.com / www.youtube.com/bitburner / twitter.com/bitburner

soundcloud free for twitch

5) Epidemic Sound (Paid Stock Music)

A stock website that has a big library, but $130/year price tag, so maybe better if you are already earning from the platform. https://www.epidemicsound.com/

epidemic sound paid royalty free

6) OverGame Sound Alerts

Short character-voiced alerts for Twitch events and notifications. All sounds from all ‘soundboards’ are free to use. Link: Overgame Soundboards.

soundboard copyright free

7) Free Sounds .org

Free Sound https://freesound.org, they have a huge database of sounds for download, to find the CRF sounds filter for creative commons, and check the terms, see the image below on the ‘licences’ section on the right.

Free sounds

What kind of royalty free rights do I need?

Basically what you need is royalty free music, or flexible copyright audio, meaning that you can use the audio, sometimes only under certain conditions, like giving credit to the creator.

Finding audio for your stream that is copyright free, is not easy! Or, at least not easy to be sure. It’s not worth taking chances.  

Because streaming crosses from ‘personal use’ to commercial because you get paid for subs, ads etc, you need to find music and sounds that won’t hit you with a Twitch DMCA notice later. 

Free to use, credits to creator 

If you are not sure how to credit someone, it looks like this.

Twitch is on the radar now for music producers and big companies, so be more careful what you use on stream. Twitch has a 3 strike rule, and with each notice you’ll get a strike. 

Remember Twitch doesn’t want to punish you, they just need to cover their back, as Twitch will be getting hit with the lawsuits. 

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