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About Me Twitch panels Ideas

With your About me twitch panel there are few things to consider:

  • Style of panel image, branding 
  • Do you write a lot of description, like Pokimane, or nothing like Myth
  • Do you provide a contact email address, where to put it? 
  • Does your panel image link to somewhere else, if yes, then where, Dr lupo links to a website that is like an expanded version of his panels (still cool) and Pokimane links to a YouTube FAQ video. 

Below are 6 of the most followed streamers, and how they do their ‘about me’ Twitch panels.

Dr Lupo

This is Dr Lupos about me Twitch panel, it’s really in line with this branding, those colours run through all his channels, social media, website etc. 

about me twitch panel for dr lupo

Says a few things about himself and the link goes to his website drlupo.tv and it is branded exactly the same way. And doesn’t really have any obvious information that you can’t get directly from his panels. 

about me panels


pokimane about me panel only

This is Pokimane’s about me Twitch panel, it has a good paragraph of what she is about, and what her stream is about and also contact information. When you click on her about me panel it takes you to a Q&A video on her youtube channel. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5e4h8C-IO0

pokimane panel idea


Myth doesn’t seem to have an about me panel at the moment, it’s pretty minimalist. I think that until your reputation precedes you, it’s better to say a bit about yourself.

myth twitch panel about me


fresh about me panel for twitch

Fresh’s about me panels have nice branding. His about me panel description is almost jokingly basic, just an email, and there is no link. Looks pretty cool though.

full panel set fresh twitch

Summit 1G 

Let’s check out Summit 1G’s about me section. 

He doesn’t have an about me panel, he uses the main twitch about box for his Twitter handle. A little cheeky comment. A little FAQ section is a nice touch. 

summit 1G panels about


Tim’s Twitch about me panels are pretty packed. He is showcasing his equipment on the top level, probably part of his sponsorship deal, can’t blame him With the about me panel down below, lots of information + contact info. Branding is really on point.

tim the tatman twitch panels

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