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High Quality Sounds For Your Stream, Hope You Enjoy Them. 

If you want to support us, there is a full set (203 Sounds) available below and In Our Shop

Final Hearts [Full Pack]

Sounds Included: 203
Voice: Male, Young, Light, Optimistic
Accent: American
Game Suggestion: Kingdom of Hearts, Final Fantasy

200+ Sound Alerts & Notifications

Sounds inside for a wide range of notifications, alerts, effects and memes

Meme Fuel

A huge folder of random sounds and off-cuts

Twitch / Streamlabs

Easy upload to StreamLabs, mp3 files included.

Made for streamers

Professional voice acting and sound editing.

Naruto/Sora Style Quotes For Streaming

The Final Hearts character is a mixture between, Sora, Naruto with some Final Fantasy isms in there. We hope you enjoy Final Hearts, and have fun using the sounds on your stream. 

If you like our Final Hearts Soundboard then try some of our other Twitch Soundboards to chose the right character and sound effects for your stream. If you use and enjoy them, send us some love on the internet somewhere, or buy one of our Full Pack below or in our sound alerts shop

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