About OverGame

We’re a small startup, making creative assets for streaming.

How it Started

We locked ourselves in during Covid 19 and did impressions of characters every day. Making sure we had sounds for all the different alerts and notifications on Twitch. And it turned out awesome. Now are giving away hundreds and selling the rest to fund us making more cool stuff. 

We see ourselves as part time voice actors and full time creators. 

Sound Jam

Edward Murray OverGame Founder


Alex McDonald OverGame Founder


If you would like to support us, we’d really appreciate it, and it will help up make more stuff. The more we learn about what sounds people prefer, we’ll get better, and make what you want. 

OverGame Affiliate

If you are nice enough to link to us on your stream, on your website, or if you give us a shout out on twitter. When people buy our products, then we’ll support you through commission. check out our affiliate page

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