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We make character soundboards for streaming, stream with style!

Twitch Sounds & Alerts

Each Sound Cartridge Contains between 130-259 character quotes for playing while you're streaming

In every pack we've included variations of Twitch Alerts:
New Donation, Follower, Subscriber, Host, Raid, Stream-Start, Stream-End, AFK, BRB, Owned, Thank You, Fail, Random off cuts

Free Sound Alerts

20+ Character files so you can download and see if you like them.  
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Twitch Resources

Twitch Alerts Soundboard

We created soundboards with a range of voiced alerts for Twitch streamers, we make characters, most are inspired by different game characters.  We have created soundboards for twitch and also created a soundboard for each character. Our favourites is based on Duke Nukem, Dark Souls, and also Smash Announcer,

Donation Alerts

Twitch Donation Sound Alerts, included in every pack, are a selection of different sounds and quotes that will be entertaining to your audience. 

Follower Alerts

Get a unique new follower sound alert for when someone follows you. 

New Host Alerts

If someone hosts you, that is worth alerting everyone, its a cool thing to happen, try out some of our host alert sounds for Twitch.

Packs made for your favourite games.

We are making more sounds, it’s a long process, buts it’s a lot of fun for us. If you have any particular characters in mind. Let us know, we’ll probably end up putting a priority on it, we have done some custom sound for people in the past, and they were really cool. 

Next project is league of legends characters. 

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