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Twitch Sounds & Alerts

Each Sound Cartridge Contains between 130-259 Sounds

New Donation, Follower, Subscriber, Host, Raid, Stream-Start, Stream-End AFK, BRB, Owned, Thank You, Fail, Random off cuts

Free Sound Alerts

20+ Sound Alerts Notifications And Randoms(For Memes). Samples From Every Character 
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Twitch Resources

Twitch Alerts Soundboard

We wanted to improve the range of twitch voiced alerts for streamers, we made many different characters inspired by characters we like and that we enjoy voicing, and there are many more to come. We have created soundboards for twitch and also created a soundboard for each character, all with free downloads of each sound on the soundboard. Our favourite is Duke Nukem Style, the ASMR Dark Souls Sounds, and also the Smash Announcer Soundbaord, what a classic!!   

Donation Alerts

Twitch Donation Sound Alerts are the most fun way to customize your stream, other than your own performance.  Getting donations from people appreciating your work and enjoying your stream is a great moment and is repeatable. A person can only sub you once but they can donate to you many times a day, give them a fun alert to play with, and change them up regularly. 

WIth all of our characters we made, so many sounds that you can use for donations, for example the ‘Nuke Dukem’ pack, our pack that was inspired by Duke Nukem, has 16 different new bit/donation sounds(8 with stingers and 8 without) + 3 ‘Thank you’ sounds, and over 50 sounds that are created for viewer interaction and funny narrations. 

Follower Alerts

Get a unique new follower sound alert for when someone follows you, make the event fun and interesting, having a character voice your notification is cool, and gives more love to your followers, our packs have so many sounds, that you can afford to change it every time you are streaming, so that it becomes a novelty to hear what sound you use every time, makes it interesting. We have plenty of free ones to give away from our soundboards, we hope you and your new followers enjoy them. 

New Host Alerts

If someone hosts you, that is worth alerting everyone, its a cool thing to happen, try out some of our host alert sounds for Twitch, you’ll get some free downloads to try out.

Sound Effects and Alerts Twitch Extension

There is a cool new sound donation app, that provide interactivity with viewers and subscribers by using this sound alert Twitch Extension where your viewers can send you bits to play sounds on stream, and you can set those sounds. Check out our soundboards to download some voiced alerts to play on your stream, we created many of them for this purpose.

 If you find a character that works well on your stream, we hope you will want to support us by buying the full pack of sounds for that character. 


Twitch Emotes

Having custom emotes, or unusual emotes, help to reward your long term subscribers, and also provide funny and interesting images for your subs. 

Try making your own emotes. Since one of the OverGame founders is a game designer huge fan of pixel art, we have a great range of pixel art emotes coming soon. 

Emote Maker

Our pixel art Twitch emote maker is ready.  [Beta]

We love the retro style, so we made the emote maker UI as a gameboy style handset. It’s really cool.
We also love the animal crossing smoothing filter, so we are making an emote maker for twitch streamers that will have the capabilities of the smoothing filter, and with an easy download with 3 twitch sizes, the smoothed image, and big sizes for twitter. 

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